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About us - Gérard and José María



José María

A young .... José María

Gérard in Santorino (Cyclades Islands) Greece

Take home an unforgettable souvenir. Acapulco

José María in Xochimilco. (Mexico)

José María in "The Bosphorus" Istanbul. (Turkey)

Gérard (with beard) and José María in Varadero Beach. (Cuba)

Gérard and José María in Chez Margot - Sokoa. (France)

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Mr. Gérard Danné, is born in Landau (Germany), but its nationality is French.

Their formation is that of restoring graduate. It takes living in Spain for more than 30 years, working in their boutique "El Desván" of very reputed restoration in the Basque Country.

From their arrival to Spain, Gérard falls in love with the Leonberger Breed.

Mr. José María Iturralde Pérez de Arenaza, is born in San Sebastián (Spain).

Their formation is an economist and it develops its work in address positions in the private industry.

From their childhood it is an in love with the Leonberger Breed. José María, is a very well-known person and reputed in the canine world.

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